Pastrytown: An Other Half Experience

On Sale March 10th, 2021
@ 12:00pm EST

Pastrytown island friends
Sailing coconut

The (virtual) Pastrytown voyage is about to set sail...

...and this year you can travel the seven seas from the comfort of your favorite armchair! Be the Captain as you explore The Pastrytown Treasure Chest filled with beer, beer and more beer! But wait! Looking for more adventure? Stockpile The Bakery Box or the coveted Mint in Box to keep this odyssey going long after Pastrytown melts into the sunset!

We, too, are bitter we can’t see you in person this year but we guarantee these boxes will be a sweet replacement. Each Pastrytown Box contains access to watch a NEAT Pastrytown Animated Series!

The Pastrytown
Treasure Chest

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Other Half Pastrytown Treasure Chest

The Pastrytown
Bakery Box

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Other Half Pastrytown Bakery Box

The Pastrytown
Mint in Box

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Other Half Pastrytown Mint in Box

Merch Is Coming Soon

Every good journey starts with the right gear so stock up on Pastrytown merch before the adventure begins! Pins and fanny packs! Shirts and glasses! Limited supplies available! Get them before they’re gone!

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Other Half Merch Pastrytown 2021

the Animated Series

Previously on Pastrytown...

A quiet looming volcano stands in the background. In the foreground lies the wreckage of a spaceship crash. The spaceship is broken in two. Slowly our Pastrytown Pals begin to emerge. Terror ensues.